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Eating Organic Food is Crazy!

Anybody out there feel like people think you are crazy because you chose to change your lifestyle when it comes to living organically as possible? When my family and I first started this journey, we definitely got looks and questions, and mainly from relatives. It seemed that we were labeled as snobs  from others because we chose […]

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Please, Not Another Diet!

I have bounced around trying to lose weight most of my 20’s by dieting. No matter how hard I tried, it seemed that the scale would not move. I was unhappy with not only my weight, but it also affected my self-esteem. I would have never imagined having to shop for size 12 in clothing, especially […]

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Never Looking Back

It was in 2012, after watching Food Inc. that I became aware of the craziness with the food industry in America. I was in total shock when they revealed what our government has allowed to be sold as food and even healthy foods. My husband and I decided to immediately change the way we ate. […]

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