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5 Organic or Naturally-Minded Restaurants in Charlotte

Going out to eat is one of the most difficult things for us to fully enjoy since we started eating foods without harsh chemicals and pesticides. It does not help that kids LOVE going out to eat because I am sure it would be easier to avoid.  Since we like going out and taking the […]

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Drop Those Pounds!!!

When will these extra pounds leave?! Who else feels like that when you are eating what you consider to be healthy? This is how I have felt quite a few times. This past January I decided to take a month to eat mainly vegetables and fruits. I still had sourdough bread every so often and […]

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Earth Fare Weekly Deals 2/15-2/21

  Here’s a list of deals for Earth Fare for 2/15-2/21. Though my preference is to buy Organic, Non-GMO LOCAL products,its good to have organic options at the grocery store as well. I am only listing the items that I would buy because not all of their products are listed as organic or non-gmo. Organic […]

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Eating Organic Food is Crazy!

Anybody out there feel like people think you are crazy because you chose to change your lifestyle when it comes to living organically as possible? When my family and I first started this journey, we definitely got looks and questions, and mainly from relatives. It seemed that we were labeled as snobs  from others because we chose […]

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10 Valentine’s Day Budget-Friendly Ideas

This year you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank and without compromising on food choices. Here are 10 tips to help you save money and still have a FUN holiday! These tips are not just for couples, but some of them can be applied to families as well. 1. Make dinner at home! […]

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Quick & Easy Meal for SUPERBOWL

Are you READY for the SUPERBOWL?! Ok so I am not the biggest football fan out there, but I do like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Panthers. Unfortunately, neither team made it to the Superbowl this year, but we will probably watch some of the game nonetheless. Marcus and I tend to make appetizers for […]

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