Hi there! I’m Carol Butler and I love sharing my knowledge and experience of having a wholesome lifestyle.

What is a wholesome lifestyle?

Its a lifestyle that focuses on eating organic foods, using non toxic products, and having a wholesome attitude in all areas of life.  Physical and emotional health are equally important, and I am excited to help other women make informed decisions for themselves and even their families.

I am very passionate about helping others make informed decisions about consuming and using products that are not grown or manufactured with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. I am also passionate about women understanding their identity and knowing that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. I have always been that person that felt I had to share with others when I find something that truly works for me, and that’s why we are here!

My story…


Back in 2012, my husband and I watched Food Inc as suggested by a childhood friend. After watching, we felt a veil was lifted from our eyes and we could now see what was right before our eyes. I began to research about organic food, the food industry in America, and how to start making changes to our diet. We begin to throw away and replace our food with organic options. At first it was hard transitioning because I felt like I did not know what to get and the prices were almost double. Within the first week of our switch, Marcus’ skin irritation he had for years begin to clear up. As for me, I begin to notice that I would have less issues with digestion as I did before. We both knew it was because we started eating organic, and vowed that we would never stop.

Emotional Health

Food and emotional health goes hand in hand because I used to be an emotional eater. When I felt was in a negative mood, I would comfort myself with food. As a result, I became overweight and felt even worse about myself. I finally had enough and made changes to my eating habits which had a huge positive impact on how I felt about myself. These two issues are the main things that shaped me into who I am today.

I love to eat and I also want to provide the best foods for my family. My family is also actively involved, as my husband loves to cook (so glad!!!) and the little ones love to help! We live in the beautiful city of Charlotte, where its still southern with a kick of city.


We are teaching our kids about healthy eating and its importance, and also about being healthy emotionally as well. We have seen that switching to organic foods and non toxic products are healthier, physically and emotionally, and I want to share my experiences for you to have a wholesome lifestyle too!


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