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Going out to eat is one of the most difficult things for us to fully enjoy since we started eating foods without harsh chemicals and pesticides. It does not help that kids LOVE going out to eat because I am sure it would be easier to avoid.  Since we like going out and taking the kids out to eat, we do have to compromise in some of the choices because there are only a few restaurants that are organic. Unfortunately, with the organic label comes a higher price. Yet, for us we choose quality over quantity, meaning there is nothing more important than our health.

I chose to share a brief list of restaurants in Charlotte, NC that are organic, as close to naturally-minded as possible, or serve foods that come from local sources. Check it out…

  1. Living Kitchen – Atherton Mill 2000 S. Blvd. #300 Charlotte, NC 28203
    • Always Organic|100% Plant-Based. Menu options: Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Appetizers, Sandwiches, Juices, Smoothies, Coffees/Tea, Beer/Wine, and Desserts. Another safe restaurant to order from if you truly want organic food and drinks.
  2. Tupelo Honey – 1820 South Blvd Charlotte, NC 28203
    • According to their website, their “food is responsibly sourced by farmers who pour their hearts and souls into everything they do. From farm to the Southern table, [their] purveyors are the very best of the best. I have heard nothing but great things from this restaurant, and I so look forward to trying them out soon! Though not an exclusive organic menu, you can order a burger that is made from natural pasture-raised beef and they also list the farms that they source from. Great price range as well. This one is definitely on my list to try! There are other locations outside of North Carolina as well.
  3. Clean Juice – 7918 Rea Road Charlotte, NC 28277
    • Another one I have not personally visited yet, but have heard so many great things about them. They are totally organic! Menu options include: Acai bowls, juices, smoothies, protein smoothies, and several items that are bowls or toast. Check out their website to see their locations. I’m just looking forward to be able to grab a smoothie that is totally organic and I do not have to worry about consuming pesticides and harsh chemicals.
  4. b.good – 7926 Rea Road Charlotte, NC 28277
    • They pride themselves in serving Real Food from locally–sourced vendors. There are some organic options available. We actually visited here once and we all ordered burgers from the menu, which is all-natural and pasture raised. The flavors were good and the kids’ meals were a good portion. The burger from the regular menu was a bit on the small side, but it was good. Menu options include: kale and grain bowls, salads, burgers and sandwiches, sides, kid’s menu, milkshakes, smoothies, and drinks. Great place to order from especially if you are traveling because they have locations over the United States.
  5. 300 East – 300 East Blvd Charlotte, NC 28203
    • On their website it reads, “We are busy building a comprehensive list of our amazing local farmers and their philosophies & practices. We are always working to add more sustainably raised & produced ingredients to our menu.” Also, they list the farms that they buy from and one of the farms is one that we purchase our grass-fed beef from (Windy Hill Farm). We have not visited yet, but we definitely plan to visit sooner than later. Love that they share the vendors they purchase from.

Though there are more than 5 restaurants that fit this description, these are ones that I have either eaten at or plan to eat at in the future. I am still researching other restaurants. If you know of anymore in Charlotte or in your local area, leave a comment below! It would be cool to compile a list of restaurants that fit this description across America.

Happy eating!


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