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Comparison is a KILLER…if you let it consume you that is.

Since I can remember, I have been taunted with comparing myself with others. I now still have to fight against thoughts of comparison. Sometimes I have to unplug from social media and even unfollow people for a while so that I will cut off jealousy before it takes root.

Without Rival

I just started a devotional from the Bible app entitled, Without Rival, by Lisa Bevere. Its inspired by her new book (I am currently reading), with the same title.  It has definitely been helping me grow and be more aware of when I start comparing myself to others. Here is an excerpt from one of her devotional posts:

Unique means “without equal or rival.” Our Father God stands alone without rival, so we shouldn’t be surprised that in His eyes we are daughters without rival, which eliminates every reason that we should ever compete with one another.

Well…comparison almost got me yesterday. There I was just minding my own business, scrolling through my Facebook timeline, when I see someone’s post about their child. I checked it out and was like oh good for them. As soon as the thought of comparing my child the same age as their child came, I crushed it by saying out loud, “Well that is great for them.” I then clicked the unfollow button, not because I dislike them, but because I know that I do not want to resort to jealousy or create negative thoughts against them that do not even exist. You know what I mean. When your mind wanders and you do not cast down the thoughts that the enemy throw at you, and you find yourself not liking someone for absolutely no reason at all.

We should leave competition for sports and other activities that promotes winning. As women, I do believe that we should stop competing with each other and instead we should help one another. What are you going to gain from constantly trying to surpass someone else’s status? What if instead, you befriended her and you both encouraged the other. If you are constantly comparing yourself to someone else, you will not be able to discern who God has called you to be. We are all created uniquely, meaning there is no carbon copy of you. Even if you are a twin, you still are unique. In our uniqueness, God has created each one of us for a specific purpose that only we can do. We are not to try to be copies of others, but the original of ourselves.

I looked back at myself and felt like I had a small victory because I was able to catch it before it took root and became something…that should not even be in existence. I am truly grateful for Lisa Bevere’s book, Without Rival. It is a total blessing for me and I know that it will be for you as well. Do not get stuck in the comparison trap, but learn to recognize, tell the negative thoughts to leave, and be a Light to those around you.

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