Comparison is a Killer

(This post contains affiliate links.) Comparison is a KILLER...if you let it consume you that is. Since I can remember, I have been taunted with comparing myself with others. I now still have to fight against thoughts of comparison. Sometimes I have to unplug from social media and even unfollow people for a while so that I will cut off jealousy before it takes root. Without Rival I just started a devotional from the Bible app entitled, Without Rival, by Lisa Bevere. Its inspired by her new book (I am currently reading), with the same title.  It has definitely been helping me grow and be more aware of when I start comparing myself to others. Here is an excerpt from one of her devotional posts: Unique means "without equal or rival."…
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Homeschool Routine (condensed)

With anything important, you have to make a schedule. I have personally found that creating a realistic schedule helps me stay on track in homeschooling, which makes for a smoother day and peaceful children. Below is our general schedule that I am using for our homeschooling days. What works for some, may not work for all. Feel free to use this as a guide to assist you in creating your homeschool routine. Some days subjects may go longer or shorter, depending upon what's in the lesson. Since we are not trying to recreate the classroom, we do not school for 8 hours a day. For us, we want learning to be enjoyable and lifelong. Since we are homeschooling multiple children, we have to be creative. I may not follow my schedule…
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